Bally Studios

Andre & Virginia Bally

Andre and, Virginia founded BALLY STUDIOS in 1994 and has been greatly influenced by the cultures and design motifs of the traditional Japanese Potters as well as the North American Indian Potters. Along with a diverse Art and Design background, these influences are reflected in the design and finishes of Virginia's and Andre's work. This fused with long hours of research and trial and error testing makes each piece they produce completely unique. 

Virginia Bally received her Associates Degree in Fine Arts, with honors from North Harris County College, after winning a Fine Arts Scholarship on the strength of her ceramic work and being featured in the 1991 Juried Student Art Exhibit. 

Andre Bally has been researching and experimenting with ceramics, glass, paper and metal for over forty years. 

Together they have pieces on exhibit in private collections in Canada, Europe, Northern Africa and the United States.